UK pet suppliers that deliver to your door

Where to get your hands on everything from pet food and toys to medication for your four-legged family members

Adjusting to a busier household and restricted time outdoors can be stressful for pets, which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure you're stocked up with the essentials for your companions.

However, with many of us minimising our shopping trips and limited products available in supermarkets, you might be finding it difficult to track down supplies.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. These online stores and brands are offering home delivery services so you can get everything you need for your four-legged family members delivered to your door.

Time for Paws

Ensure you're stocked up on pet supplies by getting the essentials delivered to your door from Time for Paws.

While they offer a comprehensive range of products, we're especially impressed by their extensive food selection for adult dogs and cats, as well as puppies and kittens. Smaller companions including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats are all catered for too.

To keep your pooch going for a while, there’s the big 15kg bag of Burns Original Lamb and Brown Rice Dog Food for £39.99, while if you’re keen to nourish furry feline friends with high-quality, natural nosh, the Webbox Natural range is a good shout.

For orders under £25, there is a £2.99 delivery charge. Due to high demand, delivery might take 10 working days longer than usual.


Ocado's online pet store, Fetch, is a one-stop-shop for an array of fun, durable toys, including our personal favourite, Pom Pom the Hedgehog, £6.99.

For sharp-eyed cats, the Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy, £16.68, is the perfect plaything to keep paws occupied. The tower comprises three levels of tracks, complete with a ball for your cat to spin, roll and chase to their heart’s content.

Delivery of pet toys from Fetch is free with your Ocado order. Next-day delivery by courier costs £6.99 for orders under £29.

The Pet Express

If the supermarket is out of cat litter or small pet bedding, fear not – you can pick up the essentials online from The Pet Express.

They stock a selection of cat litter products, including Catsan Hygiene Non-Clumping Litter, £9.99 for ten litres, as well as Super Pet Critter Litter for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets, £11.99 for 1.8kg.

The Pet Express also has a range of reptile heat mats, like the Habistat Reptile Heat Mat from £12.99, to mimic the warm climate of your pet’s natural habitat.

For orders where the total package weight is less than 30kg, there is a fee of £5.99 for DPD next-day delivery.


Keen to declutter your home and clear out tatty food and water bowls? Look no further than Argos for a selection of replacements, from standard dishes to drinking fountains and even auto-feeders for the fish tank.

When it comes to luxury pet bowls, it doesn't get much better than the Petkit Smart Antibacterial Bowl, £32, which allows you to monitor your pet’s diet by measuring food and water in the bowl.

The smart gadget links with the Petkit app so you can keep an eye on calories consumed versus those your pet has burnt off.

If you order online before 6pm, you can expect your Argos delivery on the same day for a charge of £3.95.


With many pet grooming services currently closed, the task of keeping four-legged friends preened and pampered has fallen to owners.

Jollyes' online store stocks plenty in the way of dog and cat grooming accessories, in addition to products and tools for smaller companions, including rabbits, hamsters, rats and gerbils.

Give your pup the salon treatment with Johnsons’ Manuka Honey Shampoo), £4.00 for 200ml. It’s also suitable for cats, small animals and horses.

For cats that have started to shed hair in the warmer weather, the Rufus & Rosie Cat Palm Brush, £4.69, is the ideal tool to effectively remove loose hairs.

Standard home delivery from Jollyes is £6.95. Allow five business days for your order to arrive.


Adult dogs and cats typically sleep between 12 and 16 hours per day, so make sure your furry pal has somewhere comfortable to relax during lockdown.

As well as budget-friendly pet food, Wilko has an eclectic range of cosy beds for feline and canine friends and is offering standard home delivery for £5.

Featuring a funky dog-themed print, this machine-washable dog bed, £15, is the perfect place for your pup to snooze.

For cats that prefer hidden hideaways away from the hustle and bustle of the home, the Rosewood Snuggle Plush 2 in 1 Cat Comfort Den) is the perfect purchase. Priced at £8, this super-soft design folds into a pyramid for cats to burrow into and features a super-soft lining.

Pets at Home

Your pets are part of the family, so it’s only natural that you'll want to spoil them with a few tasty treats every now and then.

A well-known name on the highstreet, Pets at Home offers more than just the essentials. Available for delivery, they stock a range of wholesome, gourmet products too – including these delicious Training Treats for pooches from Lily's Kitchen, £2.99 for a 100g bag.

To pamper a feline friend, grab a bag of Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts in crunchy chicken and duck flavour. Priced at £1.39 for a 60g bag, they contain added cellulose to boost dental health and reduce fur balls.

Standard delivery from Pets at Home costs £2.95 for orders under £39, with a two to three-day lead time.

365 Vet

If you’re keen to keep vet visits to a minimum, it’s possible to pick up an array of basic healthcare products and pet medication online.

365 Vet stocks all the essentials, from worming and flea treatments for dogs, cats and smaller animals, to eye, dental and joint care supplements. If you have a prescription from your vet, you can also get your pet's regular medication delivered too.

For orders under £25, there is a fee of £2.50. Orders above £25 all benefit from free delivery. Orders should be delivered within one to two working days.

Monster Pet Supplies

Comprehensive online store Monster Pet Supplies has a whole host of products and accessories for furry companions.

As well as cat, dog and small pet essentials, they also stock supplies for a more diverse range of animals too. If your garden is home to free-range chickens, you can pick up a bag of Feathers & Beaky chicken food pellets, 15kg for £16.22, to keep feathered friends happy.

For those with horses, you can purchase everything from grooming products, feed and treats to healthcare, including this Yumove Joint Supplement, £70.86 for 2.5kg.

Monster Pet Supplies offers free delivery for orders over £35. For orders below this amount and weighing less than 500g, you can expect to pay £2.99.


For a healthy, gourmet alternative for the feline in your life, KatKin provides freshly made meals customised to your cat's individual needs.

Their carefully crafted recipes are formulated by vets, so you can be sure your cat is getting only the very best produce.

A regular subscription service delivered to your doorstep, you can choose the frequency of deliveries, with meals starting from £1.75 per day, while premium wet food will set you can back around £2.41 per day.

Delivery is free and you can currently save 20% on your first box.

Complete Aquatics

Whether you have a colourful marine aquarium or an outdoor pond filled with koi carp, Complete Aquatics is the go-to place for fish owners.

You can pick up tanks, feed, filters and tank accessories, plus pond liners, heaters, pumps and treatments at the click of a button. For easy upkeep, it doesn't get better than the Juwel EasyFeed Automatic Feeder, £23.99.

Free delivery is available for orders over £50, while charges for orders under that amount start at £1.99. Due to high demand, there may be small delays in delivery.

Mungo and Maud

The last word in four-legged luxury, pet and gift boutique Mungo and Maud offers home delivery on their sophisticated range for cats and dogs.

From plush padded pet beds, blankets and collars to organic treats (peanut butter bones anyone?), designer shampoo and even dog fragrances, they have all the essentials for a thoroughly pampered pet.

Our personal favourite has to be this Cable Cashmere Dog Pullover in Sherbet, from £44.85. Hopefully it comes in a human size too...

Standard delivery to the UK mainland is charged at £5 per order and you should allow up to 30 days for your purchases to arrive.

The Online Reptile Shop

For cold-blooded pets, the Online Reptile Shop has everything you need for your beloved lizard, chameleon, gecko, snake, tortoise or turtle.

Their website offers a comprehensive range, including live, frozen and dried foods, as well as tanks, enclosures, lighting, heating, feeding dishes and care manuals.

If you've decided now's the time to get that turtle you've always wanted, you can even purchase a handy all-in-one turtle kit, complete with a 40-gallon tank, for £279.99.

First-class delivery is £2.85 or free on orders over £60.


Owners of feathered friends look no further: MoorPets is your one-stop-shop for specialised bird supplies.

Their online store caters for a wide array of winged companions, from canaries to tropical birds, budgies, parakeets, parrots and even wild birds  – these seed bells, 59p, are bound to go down a treat.

Shipping is calculated based on weight; orders between 1-30kg will cost £5.99.


If your pup goes through chew toys like there's no tomorrow, Woof-Box is a great way to get new pet products delivered every month.

Packed with snacks, toys, supplements and accessories, you can customise your box to your pooch's needs or randomise it for a surprise come delivery day. There are also separate options available for puppies and cats.

UK delivery is free and subscription boxes are available from £19.50 per month, with one-month, three-month and six-month plans, as well as a one-off gift box option.

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