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Sally Beauty

How much time do you spend on your looks? It might be more than you realise. But even if you spend just a few minutes in front of a mirror, you might benefit from some products that make your daily routine a bit easier. But where can you get these products? One company that offers such products is Sally Beauty. But what will the quality of their extensions be? Will their scissors and hair styling tools help you create the haircut you want? How will their makeup look on your face? And what will yo be able to expect from their customer service and delivery service? The best people to inform you of these matters are the customers that have shopped at Sally Beauty before. Read their customer reviews to learn more about this shop and their products. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences will help you to decide if Sally Beauty is the right beauty shop for you.

About Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty is a shop that sells cosmetics, styling tools and other beauty products. The store started out as a single store in New Orleans. For your hair, they offer hair colour, hair bleach, hairspray, hair care, hair styling tools, mouse, foam, creams, gel, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, clay, pomades, hair treatments, synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions, heated brushes, hair straighteners, hair dryers, curlers, trimmers, razors, blades, cutting scissors, hair perming, spray bottles, hairdressing training heads, salon hygiene, hairdressing capes, towels, combs, hair brushes, barbicide and furniture. So they offer everything you need to create your personal or professional hair salon. In their beauty category, you can find spray tan, self tanning, strip eyelashes, tweezers, waxing supplies, makeup, skin care, manicure supplies, shaving supplies, facial skin care, pedicure supplies, body care, cosmetic tools, cotton wool, tissues, gloves, nail tools, salon hygiene and many more. For your nails, they offer nail polish, nail polish quick dry, nail polish remover, gel nails, nail art kits, nail rhinestones, nail gems, nail strengthening, ridge filler, cuticle care, nail soaks, nail scrubs, moisturising lotions, manicure kits, pedicure kits, hand sanitizer, foot sanitisers, nail files and many other products. Besides beauty products, Sally Beauty also offers training sources such as hair training courses, beauty training courses and nail training courses.

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