Best Sofa Covers To Protect Your Furniture (2022)

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Sofa covers are the home accessory you didn’t know you needed. The great thing about these slips is that they can protect your furniture or help update old pieces. They are easy to wash and relatively effortless to get on. Plus, they are super versatile. There are so many designs to choose from, with various colors, patterns, and fabrics, that it is easy to find something that you will love. Do you wish to save a sofa that has a stain? No problem. Or perhaps you want to modernize and redesign your home. It is also a wonderful way to add some color to your living room or keep the pets and kids from destroying everything. Keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Best Sofa Covers

1. AlGaiety Stretch Sofa Cover

The AlGaiety stretch sofa slipcover is made from a mix of polyester and spandex and has a good bit of stretch to it. This makes it easier to get on, and you can tuck any excess fabric and use the non-slip foam pieces in the gaps for comfort and to improve the look. It is designed with an elasticated bottom to help with the fit and to prevent the cover from sliding. Pick from a wide range of colors and sizes; these include classics like blacks, champagne, tan, and charcoal, to brighter, more adventurous shades such as peacock blue, burgundy, pink, and a rich red hue. It is machine washable below 38 degrees Celcius and a fantastic way to protect your furniture from daily wear or stains.


2. OstepDecor Sofa Armrest Cover

OstepDecor sofa armrest covers are created using velvet and have a very luxurious appearance. They are sold by pieces, not as a set, and made using high-quality fabric for comfort. The product can cover leather or fabric furniture and is easy to clean and machine washable on a cold wash setting; this is great because you do not have to worry about dirt. There is a non-slip backing to help it stay in place, and it comes in a variety of different dimensions, making it easier for you to find the right fit. There is also a gorgeous selection of neutral shades to choose from, including grey, coffee, beige and white. Another pro to this purchase is that OstepDecor takes customer satisfaction, encouraging customers to contact them if they need assistance relating to quality.


3. HDCAXKJ Sectional Couch Cover

The HDCAXKJ sectional couch cover is a great microfiber slipcover that can transform your sofa from drab to fab. One of the highlights of this piece is that it is soft and breathable, making it comfortable on the skin. It is incredibly stretchy and suitable for most sofa shapes, although it is always important to note the dimensions before purchasing. It has tight stitches and a triple anti-slip design to help it stay in place. There is also an elastic band at the bottom to prevent sliding and foam sticks that can be tucked into the seat gap. This is a good cover for pet owners and those with small children and is affordable and easy to install. Choose from a range of colors that can either brighten up your home or are classic and neutral to mix and match with other pieces that you own.


4. H.VERSAILTEX Velvet Plush 4 Piece Sofa Slipcover

If you are looking for a luxurious and modern slipcover, then the H.VERSAILTEX velvet-plush four-piece design is a great option. It is created in velvet, which gives it a very sophisticated appearance. It is a wonderful way to breathe new life into an old sofa or cover up stains. Velvet is comfortable, is not likely to cause skin irritation, and can be used over a leather or cloth sofa. The product contains one piece of base cover and three pieces of cushion covers, and it is designed with an elastic strap on the bottom edges for a better fit. It has plenty of stretch and will suit most furniture styles, but it is recommended to measure your furniture beforehand.


5. TAOCOCO Couch Slipcover L Shape

If you want a slipcover that can protect your sofa or make it look as good as new, then consider the microfiber TAOCOCO Couch Slipcover. It is created for L-shaped sofas and uses a cotton filling three-layer structure design for comfort and ease of use. The product is available in several sizes, including small and extra-large, and because it is reversible, so you can use it on both left and right L-shaped sofas. The cover can be machine washed at a temperature around 30 degrees Celsius but should not be bleached or ironed. It is strong and durable, and perfect for protecting your furniture from dirt, stains, or just adding some color to your living room; there are five stunning shades to choose from.


6. PureFit Super Stretch Sofa Slipcover

PureFit super-stretch sofa slipcover is a simple yet classic design. It is created using a stretchy fabric, which makes getting it onto your furniture easier. Slip it on, tuck the extra fabric and use the non-slip foam anchors in the cushion gaps for a better fit. The product also features an elastic bottom to help keep everything in place. The great thing about this piece is that it won’t wrinkle, and it is easy to clean, including being machine washable below 30 degrees Celsius. Stick to solid, dark colors if you want something forgiving with dirt and grime, or brighten up your living space with some of their more colorful options like red, cyan, and classic blue.


7. Easy-Going Reversible Sofa Slipcover

The Easy-Going reversible sofa slipcover is created from microfiber and is available in several dimensions and will suit various shapes and styles, including an oversized sofa, recliner, and loveseat. The quilted texture gives the product a very luxurious appearance. Because it is reversible, this gives you even more options in terms of colors; combinations include light and dark grey, light grey and pink,  light grey and cyan, and so many more. When installing the cover, you can use the elastic straps to provide a better fit and help keep it in place. It is also sold with two foam pieces, which you can use to tuck into the grooves. Take care when machine washing to do so at a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius and do not bleach.


8. Turquoize Velvet Sofa Slipcover

Turquoize velvet sofa slipcover is designed as a one-piece slipcover that will fit most sofas. However, it is always advisable to measure your furniture beforehand and check the dimensions. Although it has a gorgeous velvet appearance, the product is made with a blend of 85 percent polyester and 15 percent spandex, which gives it the stretch you need to get it in place with ease. It is soft, wrinkle-free, and provides a wonderful way to redesign your home or protect your sofa from daily wear, pet scratches, or dirt. The installment should be simple, and you need only to read a few instructions on how to do it.


9. Great Bay Home Store Velvet Plush Stretch Slipcover

The Great Bay Home Store velvet plush stretch slipcover is a fantastic product because it comes in various colors and prints. This lets you get creative with your home decor and helps you find a piece that can express your style. In addition to providing your home with a modern update, the cover will also protect your furniture and can be secured in place thanks to the slip-resistant elasticized bottom. Although you will likely love the look and fit of this cover, if you are unhappy for any reason, the company values customer satisfaction. They state that if you are not 100 percent content, they will work to make sure you are.


10. CHUN YI Stretch Sofa Slipcover

The CHUN YI sofa slipcover is low cost, available in a wide range of colors, and has thousands of reviews from customers who have purchased it before. It is made from 85 percent polyester and 15 percent spandex; the result is a product that is stretchy, comfortable, and durable. There are several sizes to choose from, from small to extra-large, so familiarize yourself with the dimensions of your furniture beforehand to find the perfect fit. You can use the elasticated bottom to keep the cover in place, and you are provided with foam strips to add to the grooves; this creates a better, tighter fit.


11. KEKUOU Loveseat Sofa Slipcover

If you want to add some color to your living room, then the KEKUOU loveseat slipcover is exactly what you need. The product comes in a wide range of shades, from pretty dusty pink to bright apple green. The cover is designed using a mix of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex, allowing you the stretch you need to make putting on the slip easy. It is soft and comfortable, and the range of sizes will be suitable for most types of sofas. The appeal with slipcovers is that they can be removed and washed easily, and you can machine wash on low heat, around 30 degrees Celsius. That said, you should not use bleach or iron it.


12. RBSC Home Store Sofa Covers for a Leather Couch

There are many benefits to purchasing the RBSC Home Store sofa cover, but one of the most appealing aspects is the attention that has been taken to ensure that this product is durable and well-fitted. It comes in one piece and is 100 percent waterproof, created from thick yet soft fabric, so you can rest easy about spilling. The design makes use of eight strings to set it in place, preventing slipping and sliding. It also features several pockets, which is incredibly useful to store your TV remotes, reading glasses, or favorite book. In addition, there are different colors, from classics to bright shades, which will give a modern appearance to your furniture.


13. Great Bay Home Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Updating your home is as simple as purchasing a sofa cover, and Great Bay Home is a company that provides you with many stylish options. This particular product is a favorite because it is so classic and simple in appearance, making it easy to mix and match with other furniture you already own. Plus, it has a timeless, classic feel to it. It is a one-piece cover and made from a polyester blend, which should be durable and long-lasting. The design features a strapless and slip-resistant elasticized bottom, it can be machine washed, and the business is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.


14. Travan Printed Sofa Cover

Travan printed sofa cover is available in two-seater or four-seater pieces and is created from polyester and spandex blend. The result is a fabric that is durable but also stretchy and soft. The installation is made easier by the stretchable material, and once it’s on, you will be pleased with the result. Picking something that is brightly patterned is a great way to add some fun and personality to your home, and this piece has a distinctly retro feel to it. At the same time, it will protect your furniture. When it needs to be cleaned, you can machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low heat.


15. Hoobuy Printed Sofa Cover

If you want to modernize your home with an interesting patterned sofa cover, then this Hoobuy printed product is exactly what you have been looking for. Made with a blend of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex, it provides just enough stretch for easy installation. It is durable, comfortable, and ensures the perfect fit. It also comes with two pillowcases, so you can style your home the way you want, including decorative pillows. Enjoy the compliments this cover will bring you without breaking the bank.


What is a Slipcover?

A slipcover is a removable piece of fitted material that is used to cover furniture. It can be made from various fabrics, including natural and synthetic, and comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns. The use of slipcovers is nothing new and has been popular since the 18th century; this was for functional purposes, but they were also highly customizable. Aristocrats commissioned tailors to create pieces that appealed to their own personal taste, including the use of bows, ribbons, and other embellishments. These days they are affordable, and we are spoiled with choice. They can be used for sofas, sectionals, chairs, and recliners and are easy to clean. The appeal of these products is that they can protect your furniture from daily wear and dirt or strains. It is also a great way to redesign or modernize your home on a budget.

How do couch covers work? 

The fantastic thing about couch covers is that you can protect or update your furniture. If you have an old sofa with signs of wear or stains or want a different color scheme, you can easily do this using a slipcover. It is important first to measure your furniture so that you can choose the right dimensions. It would help if you also considered the complexity of the shape of your couch, as some are harder to cover than others. Covers can come in separate pieces, or, for a more fuss-free approach, they can be draped over the sofa, depending on your preference. There are also several fabrics to choose from.

How to Find the Right Slipcover Size

When it comes to finding the right slipcover, several factors are considered, but the most important is the size and material. You need to measure your furniture beforehand to choose the correct dimensions; measure the width from one outside edge to the other. You also need to measure the width and length of the arms and the length from the front to the back.  Take into consideration the complexity of the shape you intend to cover. The fantastic thing about slipcovers is that there are so many to choose from; they can be used on sofas, recliners, chairs, and more. Another thing you want to pay attention to is the fabric, as there are several options, both natural and synthetic.

Types of Slipcovers

There are different types of slipcovers, from those that are affordable and cheap to expensive. It is an easy way to update your furniture. To help you find the one that best suits your needs, it is not just the size and the style to consider, but also the importance of different fabrics.


Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for slipcovers because it is ideal for all seasons and can help keep you cool in summer or offer insulation during the colder months. In addition, it is a natural fabric and is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and incredibly durable, and strong. Deciding on a slipcover in cotton is a great choice, but the one downside could be that it may become wrinkled easily.


Microfiber is another excellent option for slipcovers because it can help protect your furniture and be easily cleaned. It is fantastic at absorbing liquids, so you can wipe off spills without worrying about them staining. In addition, they have a soft feel, making them incredibly comfortable.


The best thing about denim fabric is that it is so versatile; it can be used for everything from clothing to furniture covers. Denim is strong and durable and will not show the signs of daily wear as fast as some other options. The color is also effortless to mix and match with everything you own. You can add throws and pillows of various colors and patterns and really express yourself with your home decor.


One of the most popular options for slipcovers is those that are created using polyester or polyester blends. The pros of this synthetic fabric are that it is wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and durable. It can also last longer than natural fibers. In addition, polyester dries quickly and is stain-resistant, which is exactly what you want for an item designed to protect your furniture from accidents, dirt, and daily wear. It is also effortless to clean, and there are many options available in terms of colors and patterns.


What is not to love about linen? The fabric is strong, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, providing you with everything you need for a durable and versatile slipcover. It is an especially popular choice for warmer climates and summer months because it is breathable and absorbent. It is also a natural fiber that is hollow, so in addition to keeping you cool when it is warm, it can insulate during the cold, too.


Chenille may not be a fabric that you are familiar with, but it is incredibly popular for home decor, often used for furniture and drapery. It is sought-after for these products because it is very forgiving when it comes to dirt and grime and can hide it. The material is also thick, durable, is resistant to abrasion, and has a great drape. It is soft to the touch and has an interesting, textured appearance, making it a fantastic choice for a slipcover.

Faux leather

Faux leather is a great alternative to leather because it looks just as good but is far less maintenance. It is a classic choice that never goes out of style and can withstand signs of wear, and is more stain-resistant than real leather. It also won’t fade as quickly and is incredibly durable. Purchasing a faux leather slipcover is an excellent decision because it won’t show scratches and scuffs like genuine leather, although it will crack over time with use. This is why it is a smart decision to invest in a slipcover that can easily be replaced.


What are sofa covers called?

Sofa covers are also called slipcovers and can also occasionally be referred to as a loose cover. There are many different designs, styles, and fabrics used, but their purpose is to be placed over a piece of furniture, offering it protection from daily wear or the elements. They can easily be removed and washed and are excellent for redecorating or storage. 

What are the best sofa covers?

Determining the best sofa cover depends on your personal preference and the furniture you intend to use it on. There are many different products on the market, with various colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from. In addition, some covers are designed as one piece, and others are two pieces. When determining what sofa cover is right for you, consider the size, fitment, material, and style. 

How do you find a slipcover that fits your couch?

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a slipcover is the dimensions. You want to measure your sofa beforehand before shopping for a cover. You can do this by measuring the width of the sofa and the length from one side to the other. Measure at the widest point to ensure that the piece you choose fits. Also, pay close attention to the design and the fabric; does it have stretch? If so, it may be easier to get on. Does it have an elasticated bottom to help keep it in place? Does it have ties or require foam pieces? All of these are important questions to ask yourself before buying anything. 

Are sofa slipcovers any good?

Slipcovers are great for protecting your furniture from dirt, daily wear, and the elements. It is also a smart choice for someone who has pets or small children. In addition, they can be incredibly useful for storage or for someone who wants to redesign their living space on a budget. There are so many different colors, patterns, and styles to choose from that it is easy to find something you love. This can breathe new life into an old piece that you may have otherwise thought to get rid of or help you change up the color scheme of your home. The biggest drawback of slipcovers is that they can be complicated to install and may slip.

Can you buy couch covers from IKEA?

Many stores sell couch covers, including IKEA. Depending on what you are looking for and your chosen design and fabric, there are pieces that suit all budgets. 

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