Best Cat Trees For Your Feline Friend (2022)

Give your cat the ultimate gift with an interactive and entertaining cat tree. Mental and physical exercise is essential for your feline friend’s health, especially if they’re an indoor cat. As such, cat trees are a great way of engaging your fur baby in fun and stimulating play. Plus, they give your kitty a safe and appropriate outlet for their natural urge to claw and scratch, which will save both your furniture and sanity. Cat trees also often have sleeping and hiding spaces, which given felines spend 15 hours a day snoozing, is perfect. We’ve rounded up the best cat trees and condos available. Choose from a small and basic design, opt for a minimalist and elegant option, or go all out with an extravagant cat fort that even your human children will envy.

1. Furhaven Pet — Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree

Sitting at nearly 70-inches, this huge cat tree will provide endless occupation for your feline friends. It comes complete with a plethora of entertaining features, including a ladder, springy toys, a mouse, and an elasticated pom-pom. Plus, there’s a cat IQ busy box where you can put even more of their favorites toys for them to try to get out. Next, your cat’s need to sink its claws into things will be satisfied by the combination of fabric and sisal posts for a mix of textures. Once they’ve worn off the crazies, they can take a snuggly snooze in one of two hidey-holes. Finally, the soft-feel fabric is suitable for paws and noses and is also easy to clean with a vacuum or lint brush.


2. PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower

Provide your cat a place to sleep and play with this mid-sized cat tree. It’s made with paper rope and felt to satisfy your kitty’s clawing needs while still being soft and comfortable. There are three platforms at different levels, and the top one has extra padding for comfy sleeping. Plus, the tunnel is perfect for hide-and-seek, as well as shooting through at lightspeed when your cat has the 2 am zoomies. Even though it’s only 29-inches tall, the weighted base gives you the knowledge that it won’t topple over and your fur babies are safe.


3. Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tower

If your fur baby deserves nothing other than the best, then investing in the elaborate Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tower will be the best decision you make. It’s the ultimate jungle gym, sitting tall at 62-inches. It features all the bells and whistles, including a climbing pole and slide. There are also four separate platforms, scratching posts, and a clear cat bowl for snoozing. This cat tree is bound to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated for hours on end. Plus, it’s also great for multi-cat households as there’s lots of room to move, play and hide. Natural birch plywood makes up most of the structure, while durable carpet adds softness and is easy to remove and clean.


4. PawHut 47” Modern Cat Tree

Choose a more modern design with a cat tree from PawHut. Your kitty still has all the benefits and joy of a regular fort, but you get a non-conventional style that fits better into a well-styled home. There are soft cushions to be placed on each platform, as well as in the cubby. Plus, they’re easy to remove and wash, making cleaning the fort a breeze. The construction is made with solid MDF, which is heavier yet sturdier and durable. The corners are also rounded to avoid both human and cat injuries. Finally, the classic sisal rope poles and hanging balls provide satisfying scratching, clawing, and catching opportunities for your kitty. It’s the perfect way to keep them entertained while preserving your furniture and sanity.


5. Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower

The real adventure begins for your cat with this massive 61-inch condo. This cat tree is a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s exercise, entertainment, and relaxation needs. The design combines sisal scratching posts, ladders, multi-level platforms, hiding holes, and a hammock for all your cat’s desires. They can spend hours jumping between the different levels, hiding in the cubby holes, batting the attached pom-poms, sharpening their claws on the scratching posts, or soaking in the sun from their sleeping basket. Despite its size, the construction is sturdy and stable, using P2-grade particle wood and soft, warm skin-friendly fabric covering. Plus, the assembly is straightforward and easy.


6. Tuft + Paw Torre Cat Tree

Choose a modern, minimalist design with this Tuft + Paw Torre Cat Tree. It’s perfect for cat owners with discerning taste, as it ignores traditional cat tree design in the interest of style yet still fulfills your cat’s needs. The cylindrical form allows space for your cat to hide and snooze, while the felt-covered wall is perfect for scratching, clawing, and stretching. Add another level of comfort to the top tier with the furry Lana cushion, which is sold separately. The molded plywood with veneer finish is refined, meaning it will fit into your home like a new, tasteful piece of furniture. Plus, it comes in three different sizes and colors, so you can mix and match to create the perfect fit.


7. PetPals New Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped with Perch Cat Tree

This cat tree is perfect for cats who are more about snoozing than adventuring. It features an exceptionally deep and comfy basket, as well as a higher perch for when kitty wants to keep an eye on things. However, all scratching and playing needs are still covered with the jute and paper rope covered pole and elasticized pom-pom. The paper rope and soft fleece fabric have a long lifetime and create a beautiful, natural aesthetic that easily fits most homes. Best of all, it’s a compact size making it suitable for apartments and small spaces. However, despite its smaller size, it can also accommodate large pets up to 25lbs.


8. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

There is plenty of space to play in this 62-inch cat tree. It’s a bit wider than other models, so it’s best suited for larger areas, or even by a window for the ultimate sunning opportunities. Your kitty friend will be able to enjoy multiple snoozing spots, including a hammock, basket, perch, tube, and cubby hole. The sisal covered uprights provide perfectly for clawing needs, while the rope adds extra stimulation. The design is sturdy and well-made with faux-fur coverings and compressed wood posts and platforms. Best of all, it comes in five different colors, so you can pick one that works with your house color scheme. Choose from black, beige, blue, brown, or grey.


9. Hey-bro 61.5″ Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

Select a palace fit for a king or queen with this extra-large cat tree condo. You’ll save your furniture and entertain your cat for hours. There are multiple levels for kitty to explore and two cubby holes, two cushioned perches, and a hammock for the endless hours of sleeping cats do daily. It also comes with attached pom-poms and a rope to hone your cat’s urban killer skills. Anti-toppling features are included, so even if your cat is large, you don’t need to worry about it falling over. It’s also made with CARB-certified particleboard, and the reinforced uprights are wrapped in sisal rope, which is perfect for scratching and clawing. Best of all, you can choose from three colors to fit in with the human aesthetic of your home. There’s a soft grey, warm beige, and smoky grey.


10. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

Keep your kitty off your furniture and out of mischief with this cat tree from AmazonBasics. The multiple levels will provide plenty of exercise and stimulation for your feline. Meanwhile, the jute covered poles are excellent for sharpening claws while your cat plots the downfall of humanity. Two elevated perches make it easy for your kitty to keep an eye on the household’s comings and goings, plus there’s a warm, cozy cubby for naps. The large size means it’s excellent for larger or multiple cats. Assembly is simple and straightforward, and the sturdy, durable construction means this cat tree will last.


11. Tuft + Paw Acacia Cat Tree

Tuft + Paw has created another modern cat tree with the Acacia design. It uses laminated natural wood with carpet inserts for scratching and lounging. The large, flat platforms are also great for sunbathing. When it comes to looks, the neutral palette fits in easily to most homes and makes it easy to spot and clean dirt — all you need is a damp cloth and vacuum.


12. Catry Cat Tree Cradle Bed

If you’re after a smaller cat tree that will still satisfy your kitty’s needs, then look no further than this cradle bed tree from Catry. Its size is perfect for smaller cats, as well as smaller spaces. It’s made with a combination of carpet and paper rope to give your feline a mix of textures when needing to claw or scratch.  There’s also a cradle that your cat can nestle in as they sleep, as well as a higher perch with a safety edge for when they just want to curl up in a ball. The sisal rope, which hangs from the top, allows them to play, bat, and chew. Finally, the neutral tones mean it fits easily into most household color schemes.


13. Elevation Cat Tower

Cats who love to watch over their kingdom from a height will appreciate this vertical cat tree. A tension pole attaches it at both the floor and ceiling, making placement easy and simple to move. The design includes multiple slots on all four sides of the center structure, so you can move the platforms around, fully customizing the shape and spacing for your kitty, regardless of its size. This also means you can quickly move things around to keep your cat interested and stimulated. Add on optional feeding bowls, plant holders, or even a bridge. Lastly, the compact construction is made from 100% birch plywood and commercial-grade carpet to provide grip without shredding.


14. Karimoku Cat Tree

If you prefer a more minimalist approach to styling, then the Karimoku cat tree is a perfect choice. This is a collaboration between the Japanese company Karimoku Furnituire Inc. and RINN, who create products that support cat health. As such, it blends the needs of your fur baby with a simple, elegant, and compact design. Its three tiers focus on vertical space rather than horizontal, giving your cat plenty of chances to get up high. Plus, it’s made with beautiful oak wood and water-repellant soft fabric, reflecting excellent craftsmanship. Cotton ropes cover the main post, providing a brilliant feel when your cat is scratching. This cat tree is an excellent investment for kitty owners with distinguished style.


15. AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Cave & Scratching Posts

Keep it compact and affordable with this multi-level cat cave and scratching post from AmazonBasics. It’s best suited for small to medium cats for all their playing and hiding needs. Plus, the small size means it’s perfect for apartments or individual rooms. A soft fabric finish provides plenty of clawing, rubbing, and snoozing opportunities, while the elasticized pom-pom will fulfill all your kitty’s hunting needs. Then, when your feline friend is all worn out, they can take a quiet nap in the cubby hole. It’s the perfect outlet for natural cat behaviors that will redirect their energy and claws away from your couch, curtains, or blinds.



What makes a good cat tree?

A good cat tree will have a mix of elements to keep your cat both physically and mentally stimulated. It should have at a minimum scratching posts to help deter your kitty from using your furniture. Ideally, it will also have a nice, comfy snoozing spot, as cats spend an average of 15 hours a day sleeping. Fun extras include cubbies, toys, spring-loaded pom-poms, slides, ropes, and stairs.

Do cats actually use cat trees?

Most cats will use a cat tree for at least scratching, as it's an excellent way to stretch, sharpen their claws, and fulfill an inherent need to claw. However, whether your cat spends time using the other parts will depend on your cat's personality, as well as age. Some cats are more playful than others, especially when they're young.

Where is the best place to put a cat tree?

Next to a window that gets sun is a great place to put cat trees. Cats love sunning themselves, so this will be the perfect place for them to relax. Alternatively, cats often enjoy watching the world come and go from the top of the fort, so in a position that has a view of high traffic areas in your household is also a great option. Finally, don't place it anywhere that gives your cat access to breakables, such as near hung picture frames or next to the shelving unit where you keep your wine.

What size cat tree should I get?

What size cat tree you get will depend on the size of the space you plan to put it in and your cat's size. Cat trees often have weight limits for safety reasons, so if you have a fatty catty, make sure you check what these are. Large units are well suited to large open spaces where you can move around it without knocking it, but if you have a smaller space, go for a more compact design.

How long should a cat tree last?

Your cat tree's lifetime will depend on the quality of construction, how many cats you have, and how hard they are on their toys. Good quality trees can last for years with appropriate care, especially if they're large, so damage is spread out. Smaller ones may not last as long, as the wear will be more concentrated. Some cats are also naturally more destructive, while others may be more gentle when they play. The more you spend, the longer you should expect it to last.

Can declawed cats still climb cat trees?

Declawed cats can still jump between levels and enjoy aspects such as cubbies, toys, and sleeping spots. Declawing can affect their balance, so you need to be careful if you have a tall unit.

Does my cat tree need to be secured to a wall?

Most cat trees are designed to sit independently of any walls, so you generally don't need to screw them into anything. However, always check the assembly and safety instructions first.

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