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Best bike sheds: 7 secure outdoor bicycle storage solutions - 220 TriathlonNeed a place to safely store your bike? Look no further than our selection of the best bike sheds on ......

While bike coversare a great way to store your bike away from the elements, if you have some additional outdoor space you may be thinking of investing in a bike shed,  giving your bike that added protection by keeping it safely locked away.

When buying a bike shed it’s important to consider the space you have available, your budget, and how many bikes (and how much equipment) you’re looking to store away. Here, we round up some of the best bike shed deals so you can keep your bike safely tucked away.

The best bike shed deals in 2022

BillyOh Mini Keeper 6×3 Overlap Wooden Bike Store Garden Storage Shed

Best bike shed for resilience

Made from 7mm boards that overlay one another for added resilience, this shed is designed with a sturdy structure without compromising on style, with a traditional garden shed design and feel.

The doors are made extra wide for easy access to the bike and any additional items stored beneath the green felt roof, which is designed to protect your prized bike from harsh weather conditions.

Keter Store it out ultra Wood effect Plastic Bike store

The best bike shed for easy access

If you’re looking to get to your bike as efficiently as possible, the piston-operated lid used here will help give you easy access, with an additional lid-to-lid chain for convenient hands-free opening.

This shed comes unassembled so you’ll need two people to build this item, but there are comprehensive fitting instructions included. Once you’re done you’ll have enough space to store two adult and children’s bikes.

Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden Storage

The best bike shed for the environment

Fronted by wide double doors, this spacious bike shed is designed to give you easy access to your bike and additional gear. The shed is made to last, with a durable OSB roof that’s fitted with a sand felt covering to protect your bike from the elements. The timber itself is said to be strong and sturdy, and is FSC®-certified, which means it’s approved by major environmental charities as part of their wood certification scheme.

While a padlock is not supplied with the shed, there’s a space to fit one, thanks to the clasp and staple closure, with the additional security feature of concealed hinges.

Yardmaster Store All No Floor Metal Pent Shed

Best bike shed for ventilation

This metal shed from Yardmaster is made from hot dipped galvanised steel and comes with lockable sliding doors to give you direct access to your kit while working to keep everyone else out. Yardmaster says the unit is weather resistant, fire safe and protected from rust, rot and rodents.

There’s built-in ventilation within the roof to help the circulation of airflow and ensure no moisture builds up that could compromise the shed or any items inside of it.

Large Bike Storage Shed, Bicycle Cover Bike Storage Outdoor with Window Design

Best bike shed for those on a budget

If you’re looking more for suitable storage rather than an impenetrable structure, this cheap bike storage cover will give you ample room while keeping out dust and pests thanks to the waterproof cover and zippers that seal your bike away.

Offering plenty of storage, it can fit two adult bikes with room to spare, with a window opening design on the back for ventilation to ensure your hardware has plenty of airflow.

Mercia Pressure Treated Shiplap Apex Bikestore

Best bike shed for longevity

Built to last with the promise of years of enjoyment, this bike storage shed is said to be safe, stylish, and sturdy. Made using pressure treatment, the timber has been put through a chemical process which ensures added protection against insects, fungal attack and decay to give it a longer and more durable lifespan.

With a solid sheet floor and roof, and a pad bolt, there’s a lot of safety on offer here for your bikes, with easy access whenever you need them.

Buy the Mercia Pressure Treated Shiplap Apex Bikestore from QDstores (£429)

Asgard Metal Outdoor Double Bike Storage Unit Ivory

Best bike shed for anti-theft

Made from galvanised steel, this metal shed from Asgard is designed with security firmly in mind. Fitted with a 3-point locking system to prevent burglary, it’s also designed to be drill resistant to stop anyone but you from getting inside.

With room for two bikes and additional cycling accessories, this bike shed is also said to be rust resistant and waterproof, with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you long-term peace of mind.

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